What Actor Vince Vaughn Said About Affirmative Action Has Liberals in an Uproar


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Actor Vince Vaughn has Hollywood liberal heads exploding tonight after denouncing affirmative action as racist.

In an extensive interview with Playboy magazine, the bankable star Vaughn held nothing back while discussing a wide range of topics, from his films to his libertarian politics, to hot-button social issues.

But it was his views on affirmative action that is generating a bigtime blowback online tonight.

Contributing editor David Hochman at one point turned his attention to economics, and then to the controversial racial set-aside program:

But then youre evaluating someone based on race, which is racism. Rights dont come to you because youre a man or a woman or African American or European or Jewish. And I certainly dont think the federal government should be in the business of deciding things or handing out money based on factors like these.

I think history has proven without a doubt that the proper role of government is to protect individuals rights and liberties. That has always been the most prosperous, freest society for people to live in. And when government gets too involved, society turns into a place that gets very, very ugly. But I think weve walked more into Crossfire here than Playboy.

What Vaughn walked into with his spot-on wisdom, was red-hot controversy from unhinged liberals:

Property ownership is racist? Huh?

The Black-oriented website The Root ripped into him:

Vince Vaughn normally plays a jerk in his movies. But who knew that Vaughn was a jerk in real life? According to Vaughn, affirmative action is racist. So says the rich white man. Maybe someone should tell Vaughn that the people who have mostly benefited from affirmative action are white women, like his wife.

But lucky for him, Vaughn was born a tall white man wholl never have to realize how hard it is when your skin is brown, and your education supersedes that of your white counterpart, but the job still goes to the white counterpart.

Oh, so now hes a rich, White, tall dude? I told you they were unhinged.

Aside from being childish, The Roots assertion is ridiculous: everyone knows that in nearly every corporate scenario, and equally-educated minority will always get a job over the White applicant.

And Vaughns wife Kyla was a successful real estate agent before they met, a competitive sales-driven business where affirmative action gets you nothing.

Besides, if affirmative action works so well, why isnt it used in the NBA and NFL? Because they want to put the best players on the field, critics always say. Well, arent American employers and schools as important as pro sports, or more so? Especially competing in a global market that doesnt tie its hands with quotas, as we do?

Also worth noting is that affirmative action does not just negatively affect the big, bad White man. It also hurts any non-black and non-Hispanic student who performs well academically.

In November, Downtrend reported how Asians with higher test scores and grade-point averages than their black and Hispanic peers were being rejected from Harvard University because of affirmative action.

Its unfair. And yes, its racist.

Way to go, Vince!

Oh, and by the way, liberals, Vaughn also showed his support for gun rights in the interview.

I believe in the right to defend yourself if need be, Vaughn explained. Hopefully youre never in that situation, but I think youre fairly naive to believe there will never be a cause for self-defense. I believe its up to the individual.


Go ahead and boycott him, libs. I assure you that gun-loving conservatives dwarf your buying power at the box office any day.

P.S. For a classic destruction of the affirmative action argument, I give you John Stossel: