WATCH: This Video Proves That Republicans Are Blaming The Wrong President For ISIS (VIDEO)

Following the attacks in Paris, ISIS is on everyones mind again. Of course, those attacks have given Republicans and American right-wing media a fresh opportunity to ridicule President Obama for, well, anything that they say he has done or not done to combat the militant Islamic group.

President Obama is getting criticized for saying, on Friday morning, that ISIS had been contained. Just hours later he was probably regretting his choice of words. Obama did acknowledge that we have not yet been able to take down their leadership, but the attacks in Paris raise the question as to whether the group has been contained. Those attacks could be a response from a wounded animal lashing out in anger after being cornered, but, of course, thats not how conservatives and Republicans are going to spin it.

Former senator Rick Santorum launched a tirade against the president in Florida on Saturday, saying people are dying because this president refuses to face the truth [about the strength and reach of ISIS]. But he went even further than that, blaming the very existence of ISIS on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Santorum told his audience at the GOP Sunshine Summit in Orlando,

ISIS is a creation of a political decision by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to abandon Iraq against all of our generals recommendations, against all of the policy recommendations.

Of course Santorum ignores, as Republicans and their media allies have done all along, that President Obama didnt abandon Iraq. He withdrew troops in accordance with the status of forces agreement signed between the Bush administration and the Iraqi government.

It is pretty plain that ISIS is a hammer the Republican candidates are going to use to bash the president and also Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. But they dont want to acknowledge or address the true origins of ISIS, which go back to the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld war on Iraq. The simple fact is that not only did ISIS not exist while Saddam Hussein was in power, there was no international terrorism to speak of that operated out of Iraq. ISIS arose from the power vacuum that was created after Saddam was removed.

Investigative journalist Ben Swann produced a video last February that explains where ISIS came from, and who was responsible for its creation. Lets call this a non-spoiler alert: it wasnt Barack Obama.

Like so many other examples over the years, perhaps most notably Iran, Swann presents compelling evidence for his case that ISIS came not from American inaction, as Santorum and Republicans want you to think, but from direct American action the invasion of Iraq and the toppling of Saddam Hussein.

Here is Ben Swanns brilliant video about the origins of ISIS that everyone needs to see, via YouTube:

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  • Danny Mathey

    Most people with an Education know That GW Bushs war agenda caused ISSI . But, you would have better luck showing this Video to a Dog. And have it understand….way ! before any Republican would.

    • avdrdr

      Yeah, youre better off trying to cut fog with a machete than trying to get most Republicans to hear reason.

  • jm33b

    Just as long as we keep telling people this little right wing fairy tale is just that , made up BS . Every chance you get !

  • pontfadog

    ISIS was led by former Iraqi Republican Guard Generals and officers who were disbanded by George W. Bush s Ambassador Bremmer. leaving the country without a security service.!!

  • William Krill

    Santorum is an idiot.

  • Lee Hamilton

    Take your guns and go home. I think Paul Bremer said that to the police and military Baathists after we overthrew Saddam. We gave it to them, we helped create this monster and now we want to pay in American blood for a war that will never end…Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. FTS.

  • Ricardo Rebelo

    6+ years in office and still balming other people… Libturds at their best

  • Gibborim

    There always has to be action. Proactive, follow through activity in the war zone. The term warmonger is no linger applicable in the new era of technology and fanatatism. Saddam had to be taken out, obl had to be taken out and a sustained maintenance program must be employed in order to prevent these extremists from forming and re-emerging from pockets of unwatched territories. These people are evil and thrive on violence. Our chump of a president let the grass grow under his feet while ISIS coagulated and has become a serious threat to our safety.
    Stop shining the light on politics and discuss the real problem. A regime of killers are on a mission to take over the world!!! Wake up

  • William Frantz

    It seemed Ben Swann had plenty of blame to go around for both parties so I dont understand the headline. I also think hes picking nits with, it was not inaction that created ISIS, it was the action of creating a power vacuum that created ISIS. Well, some of us believe that leaving a power vacuum is the definition of inaction. Yes, we broke it, but then we walked away. Both were mistakes.

  • Jan Goroff

    its a political tactic timley