Watch Donald Trump Slam CNNs Anderson Cooper to His Face: The People Dont Trust You


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took a jab at CNN anchor Anderson Cooper during an interview that aired Wednesday, telling him bluntly, The people dont trust you.

Trump grew visibly irritated after Cooper led off the interview with an obscure poll that had just been released and which even Trump had not heard of, while ignoring the majority of polls that put him in the lead an obvious attempt to put Trump on the defensive for viewers.

Trump told Cooper he brought up a minor poll the Republican said he didnt even know existed. He also accused the anchor of focusing only on the negative.

Trump laid out how deceptive the liberal media is with candidates they politically oppose.

I am leading across the board, and then you hit me with this poll that I didnt even see before, Trump said. Let me tell you, the people dont trust you and the people dont trust the media.

It continues to amaze how Trump treats the national media with complete disdain, when most politicians usually beg to get coverage from them, and rarely call out their bias.

Trump argued he was previously covered accurately by the media before he got into politics and stories about him were mostly related to finance and business. Those days are over, he said.

I find that 60-70 percent of the political media is really, really dishonest, he said.

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