San Bernardino Attack: Muslim Screams I Die and Kill for ALLAH …Tries to Kill Neighbor with SWORD


San Bernardino residents, already rattled from the recent ISIS terror attack that killed 14, are shaken again this morning by news of another attack by a fanatical Muslim.

Mohamed Ahmed Elrawi was arrested on Wednesday evening. Mohamed screamed, I die and kill for Allah! as he attacked and tried to kill a Christian neighbor.

Authorities believe Mohamed may have been radicalized. But does he really need to be? Or is being just a devout Muslim enough, as Elrawi apparently is. San Bernardino residents are beginning to wonder.

World Net Daily reported:

San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department arrested a Muslim man on Monday after he threatened to kill his neighbor with a sword.

Mohamed Ahmed Elrawi, 57, of Victorville, California, allegedly screamed, I die and kill for Allahu! during an altercation. Authorities said Elrawi was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after chasing a man in his apartment complex, before other residents intervened and restrained him before calling police.

A Quran and other items were located inside the suspects residence, leading investigators to believe Elrawi may have been a radicalized Muslim, Sgt. Dave Burgess told the Daily Press on Tuesday.

Witness Mark Tashamneh, 50, told the newspaper Elrawi was threatening neighbors earlier in the evening prior to his arrest. The suspect accused Tashamneh of calling the cops and allegedly said he would kill him after getting out of jail.

Im a Christian, Im happy, said Tashamneh. I believe what I believe. I am not against what he believes, but he apparently has a problem with me and came and threatened me.

UPDATE: Top Right News has learned that Elrawi may have attended the same mosque as San Bernardino ISIS terrorist Syed Farook. But lets keep calling Donald Trump a fascist for wanting to look into radical mosques.

Because there was no body count, the media seems content to bury this story.

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