Need a Cab? A Better Apartment? Need to Win a Case? Are You Black And Unable to Do This On Your Own? Call the White Squad (VIDEO)

Theres a major culture war happening right before our eyes and what is right is being killed by what is wrong. Hollywood, the political establishment and mainstream media are winning in their full front attempt to convince society that white privilege is predominant and one of the key reasons minorities cant get ahead.

This assault is now becoming mainstream through high end comedy and satire. Yes, videos like the one below are certainly capable of provoking a chuckle out of all of us. But their existence accomplishes an important part of the anti-white agenda. Videos like the one below indirectly assert there is wide scale white privilege throughout our society.

This kind of video is highly effective because it has a powerful (although incorrect) anti-white message cloaked in an innocent satire vibe. You watch it and think ok, this is kind of funny, but the truth is it is openly admitting/suggesting white people have an advantage simply because of skin color.

Thats an irresponsible and dangerous message to be spreading, no matter who made the video.

Watch it below and tell us what you think.