Muslim Blamed Islamophobia and Trump for Disney Travel Ban… But There Was One BIG Problem


The international news media hyped the story of a outraged British Muslim family who blamed Donald Trump and Islamophobia for their being stopped before boarding a U.S.-bound plane for Disneyland.

The Muslim-appeasing British Prime Minister even promised to investigate the alleged anti-Muslim action.

There was just one very big problem with the media narrative….it was a complete lie.

The British Muslims bound for Disneyland were stopped before they got on the plane. The Muslim father claims, We were barred from plane due to religion.

He blamed Donald Trumps Muslim ban as if that was in place, despite Trump not even being the Republican nominee, let alone president.

The media exploded. CNN took the story and ran, the kids were devastated. They had big tears in their eyes.

On December 15, the extended family waited at the gate. Their bags were on the plane. The family included Mohammad Tariq Mahmood with two of his children; his brother Zahid and sister-in-law Sadaf, with five of their children; and two nieces who were accompanying them.

While they waited to board the plane, Mohammad Mahmood was called on the intercom and told that at least some of the family would not be allowed to board. They were not given a reason for the ban, according to Mahmood. Their bags were removed from the plane, and they were ordered to return all the duty-free goods they had purchased, and then escorted from the airport.

Prime Minister David Cameron promised to investigate.

ABC News reported, British Prime Minister David Cameron will look into claims that U.S. officials prevented a British Muslim family of 11 from flying to Disneyland for a planned holiday.

The issue is sensitive because U.S. Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has called for a temporary ban on Muslims visiting the U.S. due to concerns about extremist attacks.

A top Muslim group said cases like this appear to be related to religion and are worrying for British Muslims.

But after hours of ridiculous coverage of the Islamophobic incident and plenty of Trump-bashing, the truth finally emerged:

It was discovered that Facebook pages linked to the Taliban and Al Qaeda were registered to the same address as the British Muslim father whose Disneyland trip was blocked by Homeland Security.

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood tried to travel from Londons Gatwick Airport to L.A. He, his brother and nine children were stopped on the orders of the U.S. DHS.

Mr Mahmood says the family were barred because we are Muslim

No, he was barred because at least one member of his family may support Islamic terrorists, and enemies of both the U.S. and UK.

He was barred because the female San Bernardino terrorist had issued multiple notices of support both covert and open to ISIS right on Facebook, and who can blame the DHS for an abundance of caution before allowing 11 Muslims from that address into America…headed for a high value potential target like Disneyland?

Mahmood claimed ignorance:

When asked about the account, Mr Mahmood believed hackers may have been to blame, adding: That could be anything, maybe a mistake.

He said: It is not my sons Facebook page. It has a similar name, but not the same as my sons.

The page is also linked to our home address and that could be coincidence. I dont know why it is linked there.

Meanwhile, authorities have also zeroed in on Mahmoods wife, who is currently in Pakistan, who reportedly may also have extremist ties to Islamist groups.

Hackers. Um, ok.

The hysterical media reaction is exactly why two of the San Bernardino jihadists neighbors were terrified to report on the very suspicious actions of the Muslim couple for fear of being blasted as anti-Islamic bigots.

Just another media lie about Islam. It is any wonder Trump has received such a groundswell of support over the i