Mom Calls Police On Her 10-Year-Old Son… For Being Disrespectful


Chiquita Hill, 33, posted photos of her 10-year-old son being arrested to Facebook after she called the police because he was being disrespectful. Hill posted the photos with captions describing how she did not want her son to become a thug.

First let me say that I love my children, Hill wrote on Facebook Tuesday. They are what keeps me going. But … Ill be damned if they are disrespectful to me and anyone else.

Her son had been acting up at school and disrespecting his teacher, leading the teacher to show up at Hills house for a parent-teacher conference.

Hills post continued: That was it for me, the last straw. My children will not be thugs and wannabes. … What I did next was scared [him] straight, Columbus Ga style…

Hill asked her son why he was misbehaving in school, and he replied, Because I wanted to and I dont care.

The single mother of three then called the police and told them her son was being disrespectful. They obliged her request and pulled up to the house to scare the young boy.


They put him in handcuffs and were loud, and he didnt have time to react, Hill told the Ledger-Enquirer Thursday. They put him in the car and let him sit and think about it. At that time, they called my daughter out and talked to her. They explained to her why her brother was in trouble and sent her back inside.

Then they went back to the car, and one of the officers got in and flashed the lights and started driving just a few inches.


It hurt me, Hill said. I didnt want to do it, but I had to get across to him.

When the boy was released from the vehicle, he ran to his mother and gave her the biggest hug. He then went to console his sister, who was very upset.


Hill said that the message clearly got through to her son, as he has not misbehaved since the incident.

Hills Facebook post gained a lot of attention, with over 3,500 likes and 1,000 shares. While many people liked the lesson she taught her son, others were apprehensive about such an extreme measure.

Hill defended her stance, saying, What I say to people that say Im emotionally hurting my child or giving him a fear of law enforcement: He respects law and knows theyre there to help people, but he also knows theyre also there to show him the consequences of his action.

This Georgia moms harsh lesson recalls the actions of another strict mother who is not afraid to scold her children. As TRN reported, Toya Graham of Baltimore was recently caught on camera slapping her son repeatedly after catching him taking part in the Baltimore riots.

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