Krauthammer: Obama Acts Like a Third World Dictator, Must Be Impeached If He Orders Executive Amnesty

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

As we have reported, Barack Obama is widely expected to illegally bypass the Congress with an executive order amnesty for 5 million illegals as early as next week.

Syndicated columnist and FoxNews contributor Charles Krauthammer lashed Obama, comparing him to a South American dictator, and saying such move should force Congress to impeach him.


Liberals have been stunned this week as the normally mild-mannered Krauthammer has angrily ripped into Obama for his planned lawless decree.

And Megyn Kelly is worthy of praise as one of the few FoxNews hosts that truly gets the critical threat such a massive amnesty is to America. Megyn has consistently reported on illegal alien crime and job impact, and has been the only Fox host to regularly have immigration patriot Dennis Michael Lynch on her show.

For those at work, here is the transcript:

Thats the way the system is in Venezuela, he told Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Thursday. If the the caudillo isnt able to get stuff done through congress, he issues a decree and thats it, and hell arrest anybody who gets in the way.

The whole American system is designed that it has to be a collaboration between the Congress and the president, Krauthammer continued. Congress has to pass it, he has to sign it. Thats the way the damn thing works.

Evoking visions of King George III, Krauthammer stressed that Obama knows he shouldnt be doing this.

You cannot simply issue decrees, he said. We dont rule by decree in this country. I mean, Obama says hes a constitutional scholar. The interesting part as you showed earlier, he knows that he shouldnt be doing this, but I think hes reached a point in his presidency hes not ever going to be on the ballot again even indirectly, and he doesnt care.