Conservatives Trying To Prove Point On Marriage Equality Prove How Dumb They Are (VIDEO)

Nothing brings out the stupid in conservatives more than the conversation on marriage equality. They are so desperate to prove a point against marriage equality that they have managed to outdo their previous ignorance with an article on The PCMD Gazette, that, if it hadnt gone viral, we could have easily disregarded.

Headline from

Shocking Headline from the PCMD Gazette

If only they realized the irony of this brain-dead, conservative click-bait article being categorized as news. Why should we even bother pointing out that this is a straw-man? Conservatives are so desperate to find something to grab onto the help their vapid arguments against gay marriage that they dont care to distinguish between the differences between issuing a license for a marriage and officiating a wedding ceremony. But, lets break this article apart piece by piece:

Firstly, this shocking and breaking news is over 3 years old. The original story that is linked to in their article is from a 2012 NY Daily News piece by Rheana Murray.

In the shocking footage, Dallas County Judge Tonya Parker discusses why she refuses to officiate straight weddings. She explains that she does this as a teaching moment to help the couple requesting her to understand that they have a right and a privilege that is refused to same-sex couples. If the conservatives who got infuriated over this video had enough working digits, their alarms should have gone off because the situation described by Judge Parker can no longer be spoken of in the present tense. But that may be too deep for them to grasp.

Secondly, and most importantly, even if Judge Tonya Parker is still refusing to perform straight weddings, there still would be no reason for any media outrage or jail time because no one can force her to officiate a wedding. There is clearly a difference between the responsibility of Kim Davis to issue a marriage license and Judge Parkers prerogative not to perform a wedding ceremony.

Thirdly, if the world operated as ridiculously as this article suggests, then the position that the good folks at the Gazette are forwarding would backfire on every minister who refused to perform a wedding ceremony. So, while they are using a three-year-old article, a faulty premise, and a click bait title to make money off of infuriated conservatives, theyre actually undermining their own freedoms by insinuating that officiants should not be able to refuse their officiant services.

Facts are pesky things for conservatives. Facts reveal the truth and the truth wont allow them to be angry about their positions because their positions are simply wrong and simply ignorant. But apparently, the success of pitiful outfits like the PCMD Gazette can only survive with the continued stupidity of their audience. Thankfully for them, theyve found an unlimited supply of stupid in conservatism.

Watch the 3-Year-Old Video That Conservatives are Infuriated Over:

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