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U.S. Army Could Start Testing Iron Man Suit By June 2014

The U.S. Army announced last year that it would be developing a new armored suit for its soldiers. This led people to hope for a real world version of the famous Iron Man suit. The suit called TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) will be a creation where fictional technology meets real world application. With

PSO buys more fuel to meet demand

SINGAPORE: Pakistan State Oil (PSO) will buy another 60,000 tonnes of diesel from the spot market to meet rising summer demand and to plug a supply gap as a recent strike in Kuwait had affected supplies coming from the Middle East, traders said on Thursday. With the additional 60,000 tonnes, PSO’s total purchase of diesel

Israeli Restaurant Gives Jews and Arabs a Discount If Theyll Eat Together

Despite the ongoing violence between Palestine and Israel, a mutual love of hummus is bringing some folks together The debate over whether Jews or Arabs deserve credit for creating hummus has raged on for generationsmuch like the horrific conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Now, in the face of escalating violence between the two

Women Are No More Than Window Dressing and Other Sexist Theories

A British politician (a member of the Opposition) recently dismissed David Cameron’s government’s recent cabinet reshuffle as no more than a “sprinkling of women”, despite the British government’s stated aim of wanting to make politics less macho. But Britain isn’t the only villain of the piece when it comes to presiding over startling gender inequalities:

American Airlines to Expand Premium Economy Service

There have been many different ways to explore the Galapagos, but now the first luxury option has come into play. The Silver Galapagos boat holds 100 passengers as well as offering a spa, gourmet restaurant, and even a butler service. The Silversea moves throughout the area as most other cruise options do, by traveling between

Creative DIY Candles For The Crafter In Your Family

If you love candles then you know how expensive they can be, and how addictive collecting candles can be! Its actually pretty straightforward to create your own candles though, and you can have a lot of fun while doing so! At least when you are creating your own candles you have full control and knowledge