American Airlines to Expand Premium Economy Service

There have been many different ways to explore the Galapagos, but now the first luxury option has come into play. The Silver Galapagos boat holds 100 passengers as well as offering a spa, gourmet restaurant, and even a butler service.

The Silversea moves throughout the area as most other cruise options do, by traveling between islands and then sending passengers to shore on small zodiac rafts twice a day.

Once on the island, guests will take part in guided tours provided by licensed wildlife naturalists. The passengers return to the boat for lunch, and then again at the end of the second tour of the day.

There are however some differences between the luxury options on the ship and other more common traditional luxury options. Because of the fragile eco-system in the area there are restrictions on certain foods for example. Many berries and imported cheeses are unavailable, as is certain cuts of beef.